Privacy Policy

1. Observation of Laws and Ordinancesy

The League complies with the laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information.

2. Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, the League will clearly specify the purpose of collecting such information and will limit such collection to the information required for achieving the purpose.

3. Use of Personal Information

The League will only use personal information within the purpose of use.

4. Securing of Accuracy

The League will take appropriate measures to keep customers' personal information accurate and updated.

5. Safety Control Measures

The League will properly manage customers' personal information adopting preventive and safety measures against illicit access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage etc. of the information.

6. Supervision of Subcontractor(s)

The League may subcontract the processing of entrusted personal information to a third party within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of use. The League will obligate the subcontractor(s) to protect the personal information and will conduct necessary and adequate supervision.

7.Restriction of Disclosure to Third Party

The League will not provide or disclose customers' personal information to a third party without prior consent of customers except when necessary to comply with laws and ordinances.

8.Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

If customers would like to review or correct their personal information held by the League, the League will make reasonable and necessary efforts to do so.

9.Continuous Improvement of Management System

The League will continuously review and improve management systems and regulations to handle and protect personal information appropriately.